The Connection Between Allergies and Oral Health

Posted on 2/29/2020 by Harry Albers, DDS
The Connection Between Allergies and Oral HealthMost people tend to have seasonal allergies peaking in the spring and fall. This is because, during the spring, there is a release of all kinds of pollen into the air by plants. In the fall allergies are triggered mostly by ragweed. These two seasons bring in most clients to both doctors and dentists alike.

What Is The Connection Between The Two?

During an allergic reaction, the nasal and oral cavity are swollen, presenting with closed throat and swollen lips. Additionally, there is a nasal itch followed by running nose and teary eyes. All these are because the body is working at double speed to try and clear the infection from the body.

When the nasal cavity is congested, we tend to find alternatives to aerate the lungs. The most common one is breathing through the mouth. Due to the fact that the mouth is not adapted to ventilation, the oral cavity is quickly dried up by the air passing through it.

This is the problem and the connection between the two. Saliva is the first line of defense against oral infections. It contains antiseptic properties that wash over the teeth and the throat preventing infection. When the mouth is deprived of saliva, the infection quickly ensues in the form of dental caries and tonsillitis.

What Should You Do During The Seasonal Allergies?

Ensure you stay indoors, especially during spring to avoid the pollen. If you absolutely have to go outside always wear a pollen mask. In addition, ensure you avoid using fans that allow outdoor air inside the house. That notwithstanding, take your allergy medication as prescribed by your doctor at all times.

If your allergies become too much to handle, be sure to call us for an appointment as soon as possible. Seasonal allergies may not be avoided, but we can surely fight them together!
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